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Niche - Skin



A delicate white tea blend, designed using ingredients traditionally believed to promote beautiful skin.


  • White Tea
    Extremely rich in beautifying anti-oxidants
  • Hibiscus
    Rich in Vitamin C
  • Dandelion leaves
    Rich in vitamins and minerals, a powerful detoxifying agent
  • Burdock Root
    Rich in Iron, Sulphur and B Vitamins, this is a powerful blood tonic used to treat skin conditions
  • Red Clover
    Rich in vitamins and minerals, this anti-inflammatory herb is used to treat skin conditions
  • Rosehip
    Rich in Vitamin C and Iron, this helps maintain healthy collagen
  • Apple Pieces
    Naturally sweet and fruity
  • Elderberries
    Elder is reputed to be one of the best herbs to take for antioxidant activity
  • Rose Petals
    Traditionally used by the Chinese to beautify the skin. Anti- inflammatory
  • Orange Peel
  • Blue Cornflowers
    Contains antiseptic and healing properties
  • Natural Blueberry Flavour