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Good and Proper - Tea Bag Collection



A tea bag for any time of day.

This collection includes:

15 x Brockley Breakfast Tea Bags. These award-winning tea bags are our twist on an English Breakfast blend, named after our South London home.
15 x Earl Grey Tea Bags. The perfect balance between body and aroma, making it a deliciously fragrant cup for any time of day.
15 x Jade Tips Tea Bags. These award-winning, green tea bags, also known as Mao Jian, have a clean, vegetal flavour and lingering almond sweetness.
15 x Wild Rooibos Tea Bags. A caffeine-free, full-bodied, honey-sweet flavour with notes of dried cherries and vanilla.
15 x Chamomile Tea Bags. A caffeine-free, fresh, sweet cup with hints of apple and honey.
15 x Peppermint Tea Bags. A caffeine-free, deliciously fresh, peppery cup with a cool, minty finish.